My Experience with CBD for Migraine

By Jamie – 

I’m from Indiana. I love Indiana. But as most know, Indiana is… old-school, traditional, conventional. I was raised this way, even through the methods in which I treated my migraines. In my seven years of suffering from migraines, less than one has been spent using holistic and alternative treatments. Thank you, college, for broadening my horizons!! And I’m starting to think I’m onto something here…

Intro to CBD

CBD was really my first glimpse into the holistic community when I saw a popular Instagram account post about their experience with a small company promoting the cannabis-based treatment.

Of course, with my upbringing, I assumed it wasn’t legal everywhere and worried that it would show up as “weed” on a drug test. My worries were put to rest after some quick research and my interest in both CBD and the company grew!


(Learn more about CBD and the endo-cannabinoid system here.)

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive, non-addictive, and 100% legal cannabis compound that offers natural relief from inflammation, anxiety, pain, seizures, nausea, blood sugar complications and other qualities that relate to migraines. For someone looking to get away from pharmaceuticals but not dive into using THC, this is the perfect method!

Blue Ridge Hemp Co.

The small business that I read about, called Blue Ridge Hemp Co., offers a variety of topical CBD-infused products. The one that I (obviously) tried first was the Headache & Stress Roll-on.


I didn’t initially have much faith in this new, alternative medicine but after only a couple of uses I was taken aback. Waking up with daily headaches that turn into migraines had been my reality until using this treatment.

Just by applying the roll-on to my forehead and temples when I first wake up, my routine pains were gone. It was truly the first thing, besides pharmaceuticals (please no), that took away my pre-migraine prodrome and prevented any residual aches! This triggered my inner hippie to eagerly try holistic-based migraine treatments.

My success with Blue Ridge Hemp Co. lead to countless packages at my door and just as many migraines GONE! Since that initial purchase, I’ve continued to be faithful to this company. And they’ve definitely come through!


They have amazing, quick customer service and act as alliances and advocates for those with chronic pain. This is what prompted me to ask them to join us Migraine Mantras girls to fundraise for the Migraine Research Foundation. Will, the owner of the shop, was thrilled at the chance to help and immediately offered some ideas!

Our final decision was to offer shoppers a 10% off discount code while a portion of those proceeds goes to the Migraine Research Foundation! It’s been fantastic working with this growing company that cares for migraineurs’ wellbeing and shares our hope for a better tomorrow for migraine sufferers!

To pick up your Blue Ridge Hemp Co. products,

use code “MHAM17” at checkout

to benefit the company, yourself, and your fellow migraineurs! (Only for a limited time!)


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