10 Gifs That are Totally Relatable to Anyone in Chronic Pain

By Krystina

I’m struggling at the moment, so I made this list of 10 relatable gifs from Giphy for your viewing pleasure, because I simply can’t do words right now.

1. “You should try, (insert ridiculous home remedy that you have obviously tried here); that’s why I’m so healthy.”


2. When someone comments on how unusually up-beat you are that day.


3. your Doctor reassures you that the new medication will work.

giphy (1)

4. When someone tells you they cured their chronic pain with fairy dust and happy thoughts.


5. Settling in for an evening with you and your pain.


6. When you finally get to take that day trip you planned.


7. “Oh yeah! My friend’s Mother’s, Sister’s, Husband’s Auntie twice removed had that, they used lavender and are fine now.”


8. When you want to ask for help, but don’t want to sound dramatic.


9. When you’re on your own and can be dramatic.


10. When you need to write a blog but words are just too much.


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