Why Does Migraine Matter?

By Migraine Mantras Team

We’re still only just beginning Migraine and Headache Awareness Month, but for those of us who regularly live with migraine and headache disorders, we are aware every single day.

For many of us, the support of our chronically ill friends, as well as advocating, telling our stories, and just being involved in the community is what keeps us going and helping us to remember that we’re not alone. “You’re Not Alone” is the theme for this year’s MHAM.

But we’re all very unique in the migraine and headache journeys we’re walking, so we decided to ask: “why does migraine matter?”

Here are some of the responses from our blog team…

“Migraine matters to me because it’s something that is too often misunderstood. There are so many various symptoms, triggers and it can show up differently for each person. It can be a very lonely disease, and advocacy and community really help you feel more accepted, understood and connected.

I never knew a mild concussion could so dramatically alter my life, and now it’s about learning how to live life with chronic migraine as a result. No matter how your migraine journey started or how long it lasts, we’re all in this together to support one another in whatever way we can!” Brittany

“Migraines matter to me because they are an almost daily reminder of moderate to severe traumatic brain injuries and countless concussions. They matter because it is my spirit and will to live a good life that overcomes them. They matter because science is finally looking at the root causes and not simply medicating the symptoms. They matter because they are a neurological disorder and NOT just a migraine. They matter because there are many different types, and it’s my passion to educate, encourage, and even entertain people with the reality that IS a migraine warrior’s life.” Wanda

“Migraine matters to me because it has taught me empathy for others. You never truly know what is going on inside of another person. Whether it be physically, or mentally. Not all illnesses or disabilities are visible.” Kirstie

“Migraine matters to me because they are not just headaches. They can easily be confused with an ordinary headache but they are so much more than that. Migraines matter because everyone is different and it affects everyone in different ways.” Sarah Lynn

“Migraine has taught me how strong I am. Whether I have migraine because of genetics or as a result of brain changes due to childhood sexual assault and other severe abuse, I was strong enough to survive those horrific events, so I am strong enough to survive migraine attacks.” Alexandria

“Migraines matter to me because they are a constant threat to everything in my life. My relationships, my abilities, my life itself is attacked by the monster named migraine. I Advocate for sufferers because this is an all out war and no one should have to fight alone.

Migraines can take a lot, but they cannot take your character. I want to fight for myself and for others to have the understanding and education needed to live a good life despite migraines.” Winslow

“It matters to me not only because I struggle with this unpredictable monster but because two of my girls have inherited it and the youngest has them the worst at the moment. So it’s difficult to watch your baby at 8 getting these and being unable to do much and now as she approaches adulthood at 17, that her battle with them is gonna be a long one. I hope she finds something that helps her.” Liza

“Migraine matters to me because it has effected every aspect of my life. Migraine has made me weak physically but has also made me a Warrior mentally. Migraine has given me the ability to truly appreciate the small things in life.” Jennifer

“Migraine matters to me because it is such an integral part of my life and I am finally finding that there is purpose in the pain. A great ability, a power even, to truly empathize with and support others with ANY type of chronic pain or illness.” Sarah Faith 

“Migraine matters to me every day of my life. It may be an invisible illness, but I see it in all its messy glory. I strive to tell my story, raw and honest, yet exude gratitude for all I am able to do. Each day I try to remind myself: “turn your pain into purpose, and your wounds into wisdom.”

Chronic migraine may have robbed me of much of my life, but it has not robbed me of my spirit. Migraine has stolen many of life’s most precious moments and milestones from me, but it has given me gifts as well. Patience. Compassion. Gratitude. Things I may not have learned had I not gone through the pain and suffering. As they say, “you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain.”  Jorie

“Migraines matter because we are people too, all lives matter, and we work really hard to be as normal as we can. Even though migraine disease is invisible to some, those of us who survive with them know they are’t invisible; just look a little closer please… while we continue to fight a little harder for hope, each and every day, we hope the pain levels are low, we fight for hope every waking hour.” – Trisha

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