Sowing the Seeds: The Faces of Migraine

By Jorie & Jeannette 

Each year, the National Headache Foundation sets the theme for Migraine and Headache Disorders Awareness Month. For 2019, Chronic Migraine Awareness, Inc. and The Migraine Mantras asked the Faces Of Chronic Migraine participants to share what the theme “Sowing The Seeds” mean to them.

Here are the participants responses:

“Like a garden we grow with each small change towards acceptance, advocacy for our own medical needs and for those in our community. It shows we have hope for tomorrow.” – Trisha M.

“Sowing The Seeds to me means to do whatever I can to pioneer new treatments that are coming our way. I would love to see other people with migraine not have to go through all the year’s I’ve endured without relief.” – Theresa M.

“Sowing The Seeds is clearing out our garden of anything that no longer serves us, making way for more beautiful things. Though in the thick of the dirt, we are not afraid to put in the hard work it’s going to take before we bear fruit. Whether the days consist of beaming sun or storming rain, we need it for growth and we are in all of this together.” – Mia M.

“Sowing the seeds means to me, being open and honest about all aspects of my migraine disease and journey. We must break down barriers, that cause stigma.” – Roni J.

“Sowing The Seeds is a wonderful description of  how the migraine community works together. Spreading awareness through advocacy, support, and friendship to fight stigma, and encourage research so we may grow, persevere and flourish.” – Tracy S.

“Sowing the Seeds is a delicate and blossoming process. Just like planting a seed requires hand digging and watering, so does our mental health when living with Migraine Disease. Life with Migraine is not an easy garden to sow. Tend to your mind…begin to clear the weeds.” – Erica C. 

“The idea of Sowing The Seeds, means preparation and growth in the areas of research, education, advocacy, empowerment, community, and support. These seeds must take root, in order to destroy the weeds of stigma and to find a cure, for chronic migraine and similar diseases.” – Jeannette R.

“Sowing the Seeds means that we all pitch in and help each other. Some days we’re the flower and some days we’re the gardener. We tend to one another and ourselves, as we are able, and by doing so we cultivate hope in the migraine community.” – Michelle T.

“To me, Sowing The Seeds means take chances, make mistakes, keep trying, as the garden blossoms it brings beauty, a sense of happiness and time to ponder the gifts from the pain of chronic migraine.” – Judith F.

“The theme of Sowing The Seeds means not expecting miracles overnight. It takes preparation, care, and perseverance.” – Cat C.

“Sowing The Seeds means, people with migraine disease coming together like a tree of life raising awareness of Migraine.”  – Judith F.

“Sowing The Seeds is a beautiful metaphor for migraine awareness, it offers a message of hope. There are many different seeds that need to be planted in the garden of awareness. By sowing the seeds together, we all become flowers in the garden of hope and triumph against migraine. I am grateful to be among them.” – Jorie L.

“Sowing The Seeds is an excellent metaphor. Even when I can do nothing else on a particular day, due to intractable migraine, I can watch my flowers bloomed and that gives me strength to keep going. We are all seeds and with the right love and care, we can bloom even in the face of extreme challenges.” – Jane T.

“Sowing the Seeds means not only reaping what we cultivate, in terms of knowledge and education; but bettering the future for the next generation of migraine patients.” –  Elizabeth A.

“Sowing the seeds mean to me. We won’t have to endure continuous pain because… We are working together.” – Debie F.

“Sowing the seeds means that I can make my pain productive by spreading the seeds of migraine awareness, education and advocacy. By nurturing them, they will blossom into understanding instead of stigma,  more efficient treatment options and improved quality of life for all who are afflicted by this debilitating disease.” – Gina F.

“Sowing The Seeds means advocating for our future health, so there will be a cure for this life altering disease. I hope to see a cure in our lifetime, so future generations won’t have to deal with this disease.” – Cathy D.

“Like a seed, signs of growth are not visible at first. I hope that by opening up about it, I can show that I am blooming as well. Despite this invisible disease of chronic migraine, I am still growing and learning, and thriving. It takes me more time, but I’ll get there!” – Shannon S.

“Sowing The Seeds means getting up everyday and being blessed for who I am. It means  being part of an amazing community that helps each other through rough times and encourages each other to keep going and fighting!” – Jamie H.

“To me Sowing the Seeds means staying positive, never giving up and working as a team. It means getting information out to the world about our invisible neurological disease called Migraine and watching it grow.” – Sharon R.

“Sowing the Seeds to me means planting awareness everywhere, so that the stigma associated with migraine  is lessened and people are aware of how debilitating the illness is, which increases research for a cure.” – Jennie P.

“Sowing the Seeds means spreading awareness. It means nurturing with compassion those who suffer, including ourselves. It is creating a foundation of advocacy that will grow into further research and treatment development and someday a cure.” – Deanna W.

“As a gardener,  sowing seeds is familiar to me. In regard to migraines, I sow seeds by talking to people about migraine. If their minds are fertile, like good soil, the seed will eventually grow. And maybe, just maybe, that person will also sow a seed to someone who could eventually discover the cure for this disease.”  – Debra Y.

“Each migraine warrior is Sowing the Seeds to educate, advocate, and provide support for those with migraine disease. These seeds take root and grow into blossoming flowers of the heart, which unite to create a brilliant field of purple. This will help society see us for the beautiful souls we are, fighting the pain and stigma of this “invisible” disease.” – Jennifer R.

“To me, the idea of Sowing the Seeds, means that we work together to further the research in migraine awareness for the generations to come.” – Chelsi L.

“Sowing the Seeds” reminds me that even though so many of us grew up without options to treat this disease, we have the opportunity to sow the seeds for a better future for our children and grandchildren, and even for ourselves! To me, it’s about hope for tomorrow and a reminder never to give up.” – Shoshana L.

“Sowing the seeds to me represents every person with migraine spreading little ‘seeds’ of knowledge to help people understand. If we spread a little bit here and there, hopefully in the future we will reap the benefits.” – Kristi

“I put a purple streak in my hair two years ago to remind myself and others about my personal journey with migraine. Each person who asks why I dyed my hair purple will hear my story. In this way and many others, I Sow The Seeds of knowledge, compassion and change to break the stigma of migraine and put a face on this disease.” – Jill D.

“Sowing the seeds means sharing our knowledge of migraine disease and watching it spread throughout the community and beyond.” – Catrina G.

“Sowing the Seeds”,  to me means, sharing our knowledge of migraines and learning from others so that we can understand more about this debilitating disease.” – Tracie T.

“Sowing the Seeds of migraine awareness is important… Seed by seed, we sow compassion by teaching others to understand that migraine disease is not “just a headache” . The more people learn about the real challenges of this invisible illness, the more compassion we will create toward migraine sufferers, and maybe this will teach us to show a bit more compassion toward ourselves.” – Maria H.

“Sowing the seeds to me, means spreading to others, awareness of what a migraine really is. It is watching them take the information to discuss further. It makes my heart happy to hear from people who may have never known anyone who suffered from this disease.” – Paige D.

“Sowing the seeds, to me, means that through funding and participating in research, advocating, educating ourselves and others, we will reap future rewards of effective treatments, reduced stigma, and finally a cure for migraine!” – Heidi B.

“What Sowing the Seeds means to me is scattering knowledge of Migraine Disease and watching it grow. It grows with every person that learns something new and shares it.” – Dawn H.

“To me sowing the seeds is maintaining a balanced life between the sunny days and dark days. When we have sunshine, we flourish, but we also need the rain to grow.  I choose to learn from them. I know I cannot be beaten by a dark day so I wait for the next sunny one!” – Brenda K.

“The sowing the seeds theme, reminds me of each of us fighting chronic migraine. Each tells a different story, from different backgrounds. However,  we are fighting this fight together, finding the strength to live life to the fullest… Smiling is the best treatment!” – Kara K.

“Sowing the Seeds means to me planting seeds of awareness in those around us so there is more awareness of migraine being a neurological condition and not just a headache.” Sarina H.

“Sowing the Seeds, to me means
  advocating, connecting with, and
  supporting other people with chronic
migraine. I was so profoundly alone
before I found others who struggled like
me. I hid and felt like a “freak”. Finding the
migraine community has saved my life
and helped me find my voice to speak out
for myself and others.” – Donna K.

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