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My Mantra: “This too shall pass…”


Hi! I’m Alisha and I love cats! I am also the most indecisive person I know, until that moment my mind is made.

Chronic migraine affects my whole world. I have a tension headache every single day. I have had them since childhood. Somewhere along the line, migraines decided to jump on my bandwagon of chronic illnesses. At a point, my migraines were episodic and more manageable but they worsened and became chronic daily migraines. I have a throbbing migraine every single day. I wake up with it; I go to sleep with it. And about 4 out of 7 days the pain is so intense it knocks me unconscious.

For years, I tried to hide my illness, and my husband played a huge role in me finding my voice to speak publicly about migraines. It started out as just a few random posts on Instagram. I’m still figuring out where I am heading with my account, but that’s life, right? You can figure it out with me here.

I am on a healing journey, focused on using a holistic and natural approach to manage my pain. My chiropractor keeps me sane (most days), as do my essential oils, ginger concoctions, cool rooms and heating pads.

My journey began in August 2015, when I finally realised I couldn’t continue the way I was. Being abused and mistreated for having a chronic illness, taking medications prescribed by doctors who didn’t care, and pushing through unbearable pain only to break down secretly every night.

So I put my advertising agency on the back burner, packed my home up into boxes and moved my cats into their own little log home on my mother’s farm, about 600 kilometres from where I lived.

I had no idea where I was going or what lay ahead of me but I knew I couldn’t take one more day of the physical, mental and emotional anguish.

We all have these defining moments in life and they are essential to our growth as healthy individuals. This was probably one of my biggest ones.

Currently I am in Canada with my husband, however, I am a South African born & bred!

For someone with a chronic illness I hate structure and planning, so I (and my compassionate, endearing husband) have to remind me daily of how crucial those two elements are to managing my illnesses.

Lack of planning is also why I am still visiting with my husband in Canada and why half of my cats have joined us as a family in Canada. Our biggest dream is to have the other cats join us too, granted, they would be joining my husband as I am a visitor and still busy with immigration.

Other than my husband, family and cats, I love my country and have come to love Canada just as much! Canadians live up to their positive reputation and the country holds endless beauty.

I am passionate about politics and heritage. I believe in celebrating our roots and preserving historical sites. I am an art lover.

Music heals my soul more than anything.

I find joy in the smaller things. Nature is my other healer.

I love spending time with family and friends and have a very special spot for grandparents!

Sometimes I lose my way, but when I find it again, I am spiritually very strong and connected to the earth. I cry when trees are cut down. I have a knack for taking home throwaway fur babies.

I love painting, reading, hiking, ‘trashure’ hunting on curbsides, cooking, writing, & does talking count as a hobby?

Jokes aside, my pain level most days barely affords me the pleasure of stepping outside into our beautiful back yard; some days I persevere and push through, other days I break down. You’d think by now I’d have it figured out but just like losing a loved one, a chronic illness, is something you never get quite used to.