A Letter to My Disbelievers

By Jorie - Dear Disbeliever, As I sit here writing this letter, and as you sit here reading it, you may believe that because I’m physically and mentally able to write in this moment, because I am conscious and communicating well, that it means I’m not in pain, that I have zero symptoms affecting me. … Continue reading A Letter to My Disbelievers

Life with Trigeminal Neuropathy

By Leslie - I am in pain. Severe debilitating pain. I cannot describe it to you. It’s in both sides of my face. It’s like having a severe toothache in every tooth and in the bones of my face. Even my nose is hurting. This all began back in 2014 when I had my bottom … Continue reading Life with Trigeminal Neuropathy

Migraines & Sleep Apnea: A Connection Worth Considering

By Dana - Migraines and sleep problems go together. According to the American Migraine Foundation, migraineurs are between two and eight times more likely to have difficulty sleeping. Chronic sleep problems could indicate a disorder like sleep apnea, where breathing is repeatedly interrupted during sleep. Many people associate sleep apnea with overweight, middle-aged men who … Continue reading Migraines & Sleep Apnea: A Connection Worth Considering