Sarah Faith



My Mantra: “Be still and know that I am God.”


Hi! My name is Sarah Faith.

I was born in NY, but have spent most of my life here in NC. I currently live in a small town just south of Raleigh but I have moved about all over the general area throughout my life.

I have struggled with migraine since the age of three. There have been times in my life that I have been relatively functional and times that it has become center stage and rendered me disabled.

I became a nurse at the age of 30, and found it to be my ultimate passion, but was only able to work for about three years at that before having to go on disability.

As many of us do, I have several co-morbidities such as fibromyalgia and struggles with severe anxiety and depression.

For the first few years after having to leave my career behind, I was convinced it would “pass” or at least balance itself back out so that I would be able to work again. When, after several years it did not, I fell into a deep depression and became a bit of a shut-in for many years.

This past year I have begun to find hope and step back into the world despite still being very sick and unable to work. I rediscovered my Faith in God and realized that just because I can’t be a nurse any longer does not mean that His purpose for me is forgotten or done.

I enjoy hobbies such as card-making and drawing. I also began volunteering on days that I have been able in a nursing home, finding great joy and satisfaction in my work there with those lovely people. I began going back to church and getting involved as much as I am able with groups and people there.

I was finding myself in desperate need of a good support system and some good friends as I had isolated myself previously to the point that I had no one, but He has been placing amazing people in my path and even restoring my relationship with my family to a point.

I’m determined to use this illness for good and to LIVE again despite my limitations. Then I discovered this group and I am so excited for the opportunity to use my time to help educate, support, comfort, and hopefully inspire others with chronic pain.

It is an uphill battle and can be devastating to family, career, and life in general, but we are not alone in our struggle!!! And there IS life beyond our illness. It surrounds us and beckons to us if we would just reach out from that dark place, look up, and see it there waiting.