The Triggers & Troubles of Migraine

Migraine triggers are abundant and unique among migraine patients, but often are difficult to track and determine. From diet to weather to stress, triggers are far and wide and most of us would much prefer to live without them. While that’s not easily done, or even possible in some cases, there can be ways to … Continue reading The Triggers & Troubles of Migraine

Lessons From Pain and Loss

By Wanda - "Pain and loss define us as much as happiness or love. Whether it’s a world or relationship every thing has its time and everything ends."  When we were little children just learning to walk we fell often. We accepted falling with a little fuss and then got back up and tried again. … Continue reading Lessons From Pain and Loss

The Emotional Rollercoaster of Living with Chronic Pain

By Jeannette - There are many causes of chronic pain--an accident or injury, inflammatory or neurological condition--but no matter the cause, chronic pain impacts our emotions. There is an intersection between physical pain and emotional well being. It is important to discuss this interplay, as well as strategies to address these difficult emotions to improve … Continue reading The Emotional Rollercoaster of Living with Chronic Pain