Histamines: A Migraine Trigger?

By Winslow - Histamines are defined as substances that cause allergic reactions, dilate blood vessels, and make the vessel walls abnormally react. Histamine is part of the body's natural allergic response to substances. But... histamines can be a no-no for migraines. According to Migraine.Com... Histamine can be a migraine trigger, even if a person has … Continue reading Histamines: A Migraine Trigger?

Migraine & Inflammatory Foods

 By Sarina & Wanda -  What are Inflammatory Foods? - Sarina If you have a chronic illness, you have probably heard countless suggestions and unwarranted advice on what will “cure you” or give you relief. Most of the time, these unwanted -- and sometimes downright ridiculous -- recommendations are not even worth the attempt. (Do … Continue reading Migraine & Inflammatory Foods