Migraines & Sleep Apnea: A Connection Worth Considering

By Dana - Migraines and sleep problems go together. According to the American Migraine Foundation, migraineurs are between two and eight times more likely to have difficulty sleeping. Chronic sleep problems could indicate a disorder like sleep apnea, where breathing is repeatedly interrupted during sleep. Many people associate sleep apnea with overweight, middle-aged men who … Continue reading Migraines & Sleep Apnea: A Connection Worth Considering

How Meditation Impacts Sleep Quality

By Krista (Guest Writer) - Having trouble falling asleep? You're hardly alone: 60 million American adults suffer from insomnia. But there's hope, and it doesn't come via a sleeping pill or prescription. It's called meditation, and if you think it includes chanting and sitting cross legged, think again. Meditation is actually a simple yet powerful … Continue reading How Meditation Impacts Sleep Quality