When the World Ground to a Screeching Halt

By Bridgette - Suddenly, it’s okay that I’m moving slowly. The impossible pace set by life, family, WORK. The nature of my body is to move at a pace that I can sustain and in a manner that won’t cause me further pain later. I know I’m too slow for some, but I like to … Continue reading When the World Ground to a Screeching Halt

Joy in the Journey

By Wanda - Yes, migraines suck. I’ve had them as long as I can remember, and I turned half a century old this year. The pain is unbearable, the otherness daunting, the anxiety of waiting for the next attack often all but undoes us. Growing up, head pain was my normal as it was for … Continue reading Joy in the Journey

My Head Hurts

By Mizgin - It was the absolute worst when I was trying to teach a poetry lesson in class and suddenly felt the pressure come along. Vivid, bright, zig-zag lines started forming in my left eye and I knew it was there to last at least half an hour. I had to ask my students … Continue reading My Head Hurts