Life with Trigeminal Neuropathy

By Leslie - I am in pain. Severe debilitating pain. I cannot describe it to you. It’s in both sides of my face. It’s like having a severe toothache in every tooth and in the bones of my face. Even my nose is hurting. This all began back in 2014 when I had my bottom … Continue reading Life with Trigeminal Neuropathy

Migraine or Cluster: Which Are You Having?

By Winslow - Headaches can come in various different forms. Tension headaches, sinus headaches, menstrual migraines and cluster headaches are just a few examples of these debilitating demons that plague a great deal of people. It is estimated that 13% of Americans suffer from migraine headaches which calculates to around 38 million people. It is … Continue reading Migraine or Cluster: Which Are You Having?