Why Your Joints Hurt & Ache When it’s Hot & Humid

By Liza - There are a small group of us within the R.A. community, who when the summer rolls round, you can hear the groans of despair clear around the world from whichever point you may occupy. You may wonder why. The spring and summer months are balmy and hot, whereas the winter months are … Continue reading Why Your Joints Hurt & Ache When it’s Hot & Humid

Autumn Seasonal Migraine Explained

By Jennifer - Autumn is here and it is time for fire-pits, s'mores, trick-or-treaters, pumpkin-spiced everything, and for some, an increase in migraine symptoms. As the autumn leaves colors of red and gold brighten the horizon, the season change also creates changes that can trigger migraines. What Factors Cause These Triggers as Autumn Comes? Barometric … Continue reading Autumn Seasonal Migraine Explained