When the World Ground to a Screeching Halt

By Bridgette - Suddenly, it’s okay that I’m moving slowly. The impossible pace set by life, family, WORK. The nature of my body is to move at a pace that I can sustain and in a manner that won’t cause me further pain later. I know I’m too slow for some, but I like to … Continue reading When the World Ground to a Screeching Halt

The Link Between Migraine & Menstruation

By Mizgin - Did you know that around 50% of women who suffer with migraines say that their menstrual cycle affects their migraines? I was surprised to find this out and it helped me put things into perspective for myself. I did some research into the link between migraines and menstruation when my doctor asked … Continue reading The Link Between Migraine & Menstruation

My Head Hurts

By Mizgin - It was the absolute worst when I was trying to teach a poetry lesson in class and suddenly felt the pressure come along. Vivid, bright, zig-zag lines started forming in my left eye and I knew it was there to last at least half an hour. I had to ask my students … Continue reading My Head Hurts