The Triggers & Troubles of Migraine

Migraine triggers are abundant and unique among migraine patients, but often are difficult to track and determine. From diet to weather to stress, triggers are far and wide and most of us would much prefer to live without them. While that’s not easily done, or even possible in some cases, there can be ways to … Continue reading The Triggers & Troubles of Migraine

Migraines & Sleep Apnea: A Connection Worth Considering

By Dana - Migraines and sleep problems go together. According to the American Migraine Foundation, migraineurs are between two and eight times more likely to have difficulty sleeping. Chronic sleep problems could indicate a disorder like sleep apnea, where breathing is repeatedly interrupted during sleep. Many people associate sleep apnea with overweight, middle-aged men who … Continue reading Migraines & Sleep Apnea: A Connection Worth Considering