My Mantra: “When you’ve been through hell, leave sparks of fire wherever you go.”


I started my young career in geriatrics. I specialized in Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia and worked as a resident care director/memory care coordinator. I then continued my education, studying holistic health and nutrition. I worked as a holistic health coach, aromatherapist, licensed med-tech and licensed medical thermographer.

As a holistic health consultant through my business, Against the Grains LLC, I worked with those suffering from food allergies and helped clients establish rare disease diet protocols.

Upon my diagnosis of Medullary Sponge Kidney, Endometriosis and Addison’s Disease, I was forced to find a new purpose. I am now a published author, freelance writer and columnist. I volunteer my time as an advocate for those suffering with chronic illness through the organizations “Arising Awareness Advocacy,” “The UnChargeables,” and “Chronically Hopeful.” I am also a motivational speaker and have dedicated my life to spreading hope to those who are suffering through my non-profit organization the “Adrenal Alternatives Foundation.”

I am the author of Arsenal of Arrows Devotional Journal Challenge Series, the Peace by Piece 365 Inspirational Health Log Journal and the children’s book, The Shivering Sunbeam which explains disability in a way young minds can understand. All are available through Amazon, Kindle E-book and Barnes and Noble.

My goal is to one day be well enough to attend medical school and become an endocrinologist. I want to dedicate my life to educating the medical community about adrenal disease, as it is not rare, it is simply not tested for. I also want to provide adrenal patients with the life-altering treatment of the cortisol pump, which is not widely available as it should be.

In the meantime, I am working on my degree through the University of Natural Health and am an online advocate for chronic illness and holistic health. I am an avid writer and my fiction series, The EverVigilant Trilogy, is in the process of worldwide publication (release TBA.)

For inspiration, encouragement and a laugh, feel free to visit my website at